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Sleep Apnea


The sleep disorder known as sleep apnea has become an epidemic problem. This condition is characterized by interrupted breathing during a person's sleep. This is a serious condition because the brain does not get enough oxygen. Additionally, apnea can cause loud snoring, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, heart failure, and stroke. The underlying causes for sleep apnea can be determined by a sleep study conducted at a sleep clinic. The traditional remedy for a diagnosis of apnea is the use of a cumbersome appliance called the CPAP. The CPAP appliance limits the ability to move during the night and can be very uncomfortable to wear. This has led to poor compliance in its use. Dr. Macaulay has studied apnea extensively and is happy to offer a much less invasive approach to the treatment of sleep apnea. The use of The Full Breath Solution has shown to be very effective at opening the airway so that you can breath continuously, leading to a better night's sleep. Reducing the snoring will also be much appreciated by your spouse. For further information, please review www.cpapalternative.com/fullbreathsolution.


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